Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Biman Jadughar Review

Biman Jadughar
Few days ago I visited Biman Jadughar. It is a good step from government  for city dwellers to arrange such kind of recreation point in Dhaka. There are some good and bad things in the Jadughar.

Though it is called museum but it can be called a park also. There are some disabled plane in the open place. You can enter few of them but most of them are out of entry. Good descriptions are present for all Plane. Neat and clean grasses in the Biman area but there is another part for children like 3D movie, riders and train, this area is very dusty.
Biman musuem entry fee is 30 taka for each. No concession for children. for each rider you will have to pay 20- 40 taka.

Some good and bad things have been described below of this Biman Musuem:

Good things:

  • Large area
  • Open space
  • Many kinds of planes
  • Restaurant facilities
  • Neat and clean
  • Boat riding facilities
  • Good place to pass your leisure time

Biman Musuem

Bad things:
  • Rider area is dusty
  • Not enough grasses nearby riders
  • Not enough toilets
  • Mosque is very small
  • Not enough sitting place
  • Rider fee is high
  • Food court price is very high
  • Make unnecessary jam in the mirpur road.
A lot of space in-front of mosque is vacant. That place can be developed to give more recreational services for Dhaka dwellers. However thanks for Military Forces to arrange that kind of musuem as well as a making a park nearby old airport.