Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dhaka Attack Causes

dhaka gulshan attack
Dhaka attack was happened on July 01, 2016. All Bangladeshis are shocked to hear this news. Not only the Bangladeshis, worldwide people are shocked to hear this message.

Bangladesh is a peaceful country. The hospitality of Bangladeshis are well known to the tourist who come to visit this country from around the world. People are very curious to know about foreigners. People helps foreigners in this country. It is our tradition it is our heritage. 

But recent incident i.e Gulshan attack has hurt the foreigners. They are shocked. They cannot trust it. How a coward, nasty and hated incident can happen in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a developing country. Development of this country is dependent on foreign aids. So, attack on foreigners means attack on development process of Bangladesh. Attack on Bangladesh means stopping progress of Bangladesh.

Industrialization is the heart of economic growth of any country. Bangladesh is trying to go in industrialization process. Foreign technology and financial help both are necessary to enhance that process. So, attacking on foreigners mean attacking on Bangladeshis economy and Bangladeshi industrialization process.

Causes of this attack:

 I am not a political analyst. I am a simple citizen of Bangladesh. As a independent country everybody has right to express their opinion about any incident of  his country. As a result I  think the following things are the causes of this attack:

Political Issues: From the beginning climbing to power by  Awamileague the journey of  dissatisfaction activities towards ruling government has been started. In the beginning killing activities was limited to kill local people but now it spread into foreigners killing. So, doing election without participation of opposition parties may encourage this kind of brutal killing of foreigners.

International Issues: Muslims are brother each other. They also love other Muslim country's people like Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. So, many Muslim people may support international  organization like IS, Alkaida. Israel has been trying to dominate their power illegally over Muslim. Other Christian countries are helping the Israel. So, attacking on foreigners and Muslim countries by Israel, America and their alies may cause of  Gulshan attack

Police Duties: Police should be people's friend. But in last few days news in the daily newspaper news about lost of young people proved that Bangladesh Police is failed to do their responsibilities properly. Around 262 people have been lost from different families but Police has rescued none or few only. If from the beginning POLICE could care of this lost issue seriously then it could resist Gulshan Dhaka attack in Bangladesh.