Saturday, July 9, 2016

Banga Bandhu Safari Park

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Banga Bandhu Safari Park Review

Banga Bandhu Safari Park is a new park in Bangladesh. It is located at Gazipur District around 50 Kilometers from Dhaka. The environment of this park is located in a silent area.

Yesterday I visited the park along with my family. During the visit I had to stand in line more than two  hours for adventure travel. The authority could not provide enough buses during the rush time like Eid-ul Fitre vacation.

Though there were some disadvantages my family members enjoyed the park somehow.  However, it would be  wise if would travel without any rush time.

Luckily I brought umbrella otherwise it would difficult for me to stand in the line two hours to see lion and tiger.  Thousands of people were waiting in the very hot sun for riding bus to see open lion and tiger in the park.

During the travel it was appeared to me that management negligence was strong in the park. During the special vacation period park management should provide temporary tent for long line for que and enough bus for adventure travel.

The park may be profitable and it can exist for long time if some facilities are increased inside the park. At the same time transportation and road condition should also  be developed for easy access to the sarfari park.

From gazipur chowrasta to safari park normal tempo fare is 30 Taka. But during the rush time people had to pay 80-100  Taka. There is no bus service from Gazipur crossing to Park gate.

I have summarized the following good and bad things during my trip into the park:

Good things:

  • Fresh air, clean environment, enough bushes and trees in the area
  • Large area
  • Adventure travel to see Lion and Tiger
  • Foreign birds, fish aquarium, monkeys, crocodiles etc
  • A small lake
  • Riding opportunity on Elephant
  • 9D Cinema studio
Bad things:
  • Poor transportation from highway to park gate
  • Mismanagement throughout the park
  • Not proper identification and traceability
  • Not enough bus for adventure travel(during Eid vacation)
  • Not enough sitting arrangement throughout the park
  • No tent for visitors(in case for bad weather like sudden rain)
  • Not enough animals
  • Bus AC condition is poor
  • No quality food stall inside the park
  • Combination of animals were not good
  • No security arms/guard in the bus
To know more about this park you may visit the link:

Tips for new visitors- Make travel plan to the safari park before or after any holiday for comfortable visit and avoid any long que.