Friday, April 8, 2016

Is Cricket Wasting Student's Time?

cricket and students

Cricket is very popular in the world right now. It is very popular in Bangladesh too. At the same time it is destroying student's valuable time. Students specially school going children are wasting time during the cricket match running time. They cannot put attention on their study. 

It is time now to shortening the time for cricket game. Cricket playing time should be reconsidered. It’s time should be limited within an hour or it can be one and half hour.

In Bangladesh perspective students have to stay 4-5 hours in the school. Minimum two hours on the traffic jam in Dhaka city. Ten hours for sleeping. They have to spend two hours to prepare school homework. Two hours for coaching center. Another two hours for coaching center's home work. Another two hours for eating, washing, recreation etc. So, actually they have no enough time to do any recreational work like physical exercise, Travelling, swiming, singing, drawing etc.

When any cricket match going on then, the students spend 4-5 hours to enjoy the cricket match. It badly effects on his regular works like preparing homework, coaching homework and also other regular works.

It is time for cricket authority like ICC and domestic cricket authority for the respective countries to shorten the cricket match duration. If they can do it will be great service for the world if they fail then it will be great disaster for the world children

Now it is online era. There are few channels about sports and rest of the channels are on full of recreational activities like music, movie etc. There are not enough online TV Channels for students for learning and recreation.

In Dhaka city there is not enough playground. So, middle class family children cannot go out for walking or travelling. They have to stay at home and become boring. In this regard cricket game are attracting children to addict on cricket. So, they are spending idle time 4-5 hours at home. So, they are becoming fat and obesity.

It is time for ICC authority to take survey on children about the affect of cricket game on children. Is really the cricket wasting school going children’s valuable time or not? On the other hand respective countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Australia, South Africa New Zealand, West Indies etc should come ahead to contribute to shortening the cricket match time.

Now T-20 is played for twenty overs. It can be played for 10 overs for shortening time. It can save student's time to enjoy the game. In the same way Test match and One Day International cricket can also be shortened.

We want better world. To create better world we will have to create healthy and educated children. If we engage our children long time in the cricket game it will decrease output from them. It will destroy their future.