Wednesday, March 23, 2016

T-20 ICC 2016 World Cup- Bangladesh vs India Review

t 20 2016 ICC India vs Bangladesh
T-20 ICC world cup 2016 is going on in India. There are ten teams. In this post I will express my review on Bangladesh vs India game. On 23rd there was a match between Bangladesh and India. Bangladesh played well but at the end they showed poor performance.

In this post I will cite only the bad things  what Bangladesh cricketers have presented to the billions of spectators on the TV screen. I am not cricketers just a viewer like others. So, do not think it is my professional view.

When Bangladesh is on the end of the wining position then they were defeated to the the Indian cricket team. They frustrated billions of TV viewers in Bangladesh, India and to the other cricket fans around the world.

When Mushfiq and Mahmudullah Riyad were playing well people were very happy. But at the end of the moment they done very big mistake. When from four balls only two runs were required, then both of them were trying for six. It was great mistake from the both players Mushfiq and Mahmudullah.

Mushfiq and Mahmudullah have frustrated the Bangladeshi Cricket Fans around the world. Where only two runs is required, then why they took great risk to catch out by sending cricket ball in the air?  Why they were trying to strike for six?

T 20India vs Bangladesh ICC 2016

I am not criticizing the team just I am expressing my opinion. However, as an ISO professional I would like to suggest the coach of Bangladesh cricket team to take corrective action from the team. He should teach how to play on stress and how to take instant decision.

When they will come back in the country I think Mr coach will take CA plan(Corrective Action Plan) for their wrong doing things in the icc world cup in India 2016. If he fails to do that then he and his followers(team) will loose popularity from the viewers of Bangladesh as well as other cricket fans around the world.

In the critical moment how to utilize the time and how to take right decision to play to win it should be learnt properly during the training period by the cricket coach.

The cricket viewers do not like to see same wrong things again and again. They do not like to see recurrence of wrong things. It should be stopped and it is possible by taking proper corrective action by the cricket coach of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a poor country. A large number of people are living under poverty level. But the government of Bangladesh is paying high salary to the cricket team and as well as the cricket coach. It is very hard earned money of the poor people of Bangladesh. This is people's money. This is not government's money. So, I think Bangladesh Cricket Board also review how much continual improvement has been achieved by the cricket team and their coach.

Another mistake was seen in the game about selection of unskilled players in the game. Only skilled and experienced players should be selected for the world cup only. In the danger time they can only help the team.

T20-2016 India
I saw there were few players who are new. My question is why the coach or team authority decided to select new players in the world cup cricket game? Without proper training, skill and exercise no players should be included in the international level and in sensitive game.

We want to see fair play. We want continual improvement of cricket. But what we have seen in the ICC world cup 2016. Bangladesh has failed to win a single game until now. We, are waiting to see cricket management team of Bangladesh to  review the present status soon.

We hope some important changes will come out from management review meeting of Bangladesh cricket board to rebuild Bangladesh team. And it should be done to make happy of cricket fans of Bangladesh.

Cricket is not only a game. It is an industry right now. We do not want to see any unskilled management in the game. We do not like to wastes of money in this  industry.

We want dynamic cricket game. We want development in this game. We specially Bangladeshi cricket viewers want development and changes in the cricket game.