Monday, August 31, 2015

Google is the Best Search Engine

Google logo changing
Google is great. When I forgot about my birthday, then Google remind me. Today the September first when I open my computer and goes to my Google account then I saw the following logo instead of Google logo. When I click on that logo I went to go my profile. Finally I understant Google is reminding me about my birthday.

Google is gradually increasing people's attraction around the world. Without doing its own business it is engaging with people and country all over the world. Without your birthday celebration Google also changes its logo in the independence day. It is a geat respect to other countries celebration in different occasion.

We appreciate google's step for respecting other countries and people. This is an excellent example for Amercian Government too. Like Google if American Government respects the other countries, then the world may be more peaceful.

Google also celebrates the international days like father's day, labor day, Language day etc. During that days google simply changes its own logo by adding the related doodles in the google's homepage.

That kind of changes make curiousness and  awareness among the people for that special occasions. After clicking visitors can go to the related pages and they can know details about that event.

There are few other search engines like MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Altavista etc., but those search engines are not so popular like Google. Google likes change. That's why regularly Google updates many products for its customer. Due to continuous adding new products and apps Google is most popular search engine around the world.