Friday, July 3, 2015

Illegal Migrant in South & South East Asia

Illegal migrant in south asia
Illegal Migrant in South & South East Asia is a great concern for the world. Recently the most controversial discussion point is Human trafficking along the Thailand-Malaysian Boarder. This is not new incident. Since 1990 people specially Myanmar and Bangladesh workers  are going illegally from the Thailand boarder to Malaysia. 

International Mafia cycle is working in this human trafficking business in South and South-East Asian region. Malaysia, Thailand , Bangladesh and Myanmar illegal fake manpower business are connected in this deal. There is a proverb that secret cannot be hidden somehow it will come out. Actually that is happed right now.

Probably it is the time for world to take action among illegal manpower business group to stop this kind of inhumanitarian activities in this region. Recently inventing mass grave in the Thai boarder proves a huge number of workers have been killed in the boarder area of Thailand.

Though there is no proper count of total death, however it can be assumed that at least several thousands of people have been slaughtered in this crime zone for the last two decades. But no action have been taken by the four country's government department.

According to The Daily star news on 03-07-2015 it is cleared that criminals are still active in this region. Quoted from Daily Star "To ensure Redwan's safety, his [Redwan's] mother sold a piece of land and paid Tk 2.1 lakh to Sumon's father. But he is still in confinement,” Redwan's aunt Rehana Begum told The Daily Star over the phone on Monday.
“On Sunday night [June 28] Redwan again called us and said the brokers would torture him if we did not send another Tk 1.5 lakh to a certain phone number [mobile banking number],” she said.
“This is very sad. His mother almost went insane. Please help us,” she said, adding that according to Redwan, there are “many others” in the jungle where he is kept." Detail news can be read from this link

Several months ago after disclosing the news about tragedic incident in Thailand no action has been taken by the head of the four government yet. In this regard we are expecting UN action to stop this kind of in humanitarian activities in this region.

Malaysian economy fully dependent on foreign workers specially on Bangladesh, Indonesia and Myanmar workers. When Human life was in danger position at Andaman Sea  but Malaysia did not take step to accept them. However on international pressure later Malaysia and Indonesia accepted to receive them in the shore.

 Recent Migrant in Andaman sea has reminding us the financial status of the people in this region. Why people are coming illegally through the sea-way. People are helpless and they cannot eat even three times a day. They are extreme poor. What Bangladesh and Myanmar are doing for their people. How they are crossing the boarder illegally?

Myanmar military government is the cause of escalating Rohinga problem. They are neglected by Militarty Janta. So, International community should create pressure on Myanmar to solve Ruhinga Muslim community problem. Because of jealousy attitude towards Ruhinga, they are encouraged by illegal traffickers to move Malaysia.

But what about Bangladesh? Bangladesh economy is much more better than any previous period. Nobody live here without food. But why people go in Malaysia? Probably government is failed to let pople know that they should not go illegally to Malaysia. On the other hand why the government do not crack down campaign to arrest illegal traffickers?

What Bangladesh government can do for stopping illegal trafficking?
  1. Miking in rural area for not to go Malaysia illegally
  2. Tell poeple about death risk about illegal boarder pass
  3. Arrest all illegal manpower businessmen and throw them in the jail
  4. Broadcast in Radio and Television
  5. Strengthening boarder and coast guard  to stop illegal pass.
  6. Arrange job for jobless in village area.

What Malaysia can do?
  1. Malaysisa should arrest illegal human traffickers in their own country.
  2. Reduce Malaysian immigration police corruption
  3. Strengthen the border force.
  4. Encourage local people to work in the factory by increasing salary
  5. Reduce foreign workers dependency
  6. Follow European Migration policy

What international community can do?

  1. Make pressure to stop illegal trafficking in this region
  2. Send forces from UN to stop illegal boarder pass
  3. Make pressure to create job for poor community
  4. Stop aid if they (Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand) failed to 
  5. Impose sanction on Myanmar
As Bangladesh nationality we do not like to see this kind of headline. It reduces our dignity to the world. So, It is time for Bangladesh Government to control its security forces and strengthening judicial department for rapid action to stop illegal trafficking from Bangladesh.

We hope, if each country at the same time the international community come ahead to solve this Illegal Migrant in South & South East Asia problem then it will easier to stop this kind of in humanitarian incident. The world will not read this kind of tragedic news any more.