Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bangladesh Independence Day in Google

BD 44th Independance Day in Google

BD Independence day 2015 is celebrated by Google Bangladesh. We appreciate google's celebration of Bangladesh Independence day. It is 44th independence day of Bangladesh. Goole has changed its traditional logo to respect to the people of Bangladesh. We appreciate google's sympathy for Bangladeshi liberation war.

It is 25, 2015. Just 44 years ago Bangladesh got independence from Pakistan. Bangladesh people forced Pakistani military government to move from here in East Pakistan to West Pakistan. After moving them, it is renamed as a new nation called Bangladesh.

Bangladesh had to pay, for this reason. It lost 3 million people. No other nation lost this huge number of people during the liberation war.

Pakistan had made a big mistake. They did not kill only the politicians and intellectuals. They killed general people who were innocent and who had no connection with liberation war.

Worldwide Bangladeshi people are celebrating this historic day from different countries. At the same time, Google is also celebrating this memorial day with Bangladeshi People.

Google has changed its logo by replacing a letter "O". Instead of "O" it has used the image of the tiger. Actually tiger is the national animal of Bangladesh. So, they have used this animal.

We appreciate the effort of Google, but the picture is not showing well. It looks something like a cat. If would be more beautiful if the tiger's image was more attractive. So, we will hope from Google designers to present more attractive tiger's image in the forthcoming years.

However, I thank google for celebration independence day with Bangladeshi people.