Friday, February 13, 2015

Political Unrest 2015 Throwing Back Bangladesh

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Political Unrest 2015 in Bangladesh

Political unrest in Bangladesh is in tense. People are worry about the safety of their life. People do not like to get out because of high risk of petrol bomb attack in the vehicle. People are losing their faith both on government and its rival BNP. They are dreaming to see any third party or Military ruler in the country to raise from this situation

More than 70 people have been killed by patrol bomb and police firing during the strike and seizing campaigns of BNP which is still since last month in Bangladesh.  Political party and government both are responsible for these uncivilized killing activities in the country.

After raising power the government has forgotten that they have been selected and mandated by the people. It is their responsibilities to protects common people’s life. But the ruling government party Awamileague  is failed to do that.  Opposition party BNP is continuously calling seizing and strike activities throughout the nation. In this situation common people are dying through patrol bomb and as well as police firing.

Though it is not cleared that who is directing to happen the killing activities but it is cleared that both the government and BNP are responsible for this kind of stupid and in humanitarian activities. BNP is ready to sit on dialogue but government is not taking step to sit for dialogue. So, apparently government is mostly responsible for this unexpected political behavior.

On the other hand BNP is also known that this burning activities and killing activities is happening during their political programs running time so BNP should stop this seize and strike campaign without any delay. But still now there is no changing attitude in BNP.

People’s life is very tiny thing here in Bangladesh. Political party and government nobody cares about death news of common people. I think there is no such place where people’s death is taken very simply. Just for ferry drowning in South Korea Prime minister Chung Hong-Wong has resigned. That is the real politics. Bangladesh should learn from that.

Government is failed to safe people’s life so government should get out from the power immediately.  On the other hand without mandate of major political party how government can change the election rule and regulation in the parliament it is also a question to many political analysts.Changing this rule made BNP more ferocious in politics.

Actually the government has sworn the seed of political unrest. For holding power they have passed the law for election policy in the parliament without acceptance of big political party BNP’s appearance.  It was fully illegal. Government should know that a large number of people are supporters of BNP. So, simply passing a law in monopoly manner is not wise decision. It is not good political and consistent political practice.

People of Bangladesh are stunned to see the government’s slow motion to stop violence in the country. More than 70 people have been killed and several hundred people are groaning in the DMC hospital at Dhakan.  The most pathetic scene is in the hospital which was never seen after liberation war.

MP, Minister and prime minister is running by luxurious cars they are taking their salary from the state bank. This is not their forefather’s money. It is money of the common people. They are consuming people’s hard earned money at the same time they are killing our brothers and sisters. It cannot be acceptable. People will never forgive them.

People are observing all.  They are watching carefully all situation. That time is not so far when people will response this kind of cruel activities during the next election. They are saving these feelings in their memory. During the next election these saved memory will be burst into strong reaction. In that act government will be thrown in the dust again.

Both parties are dancing to kill the people. They are destroying the economic base. Export industries specially ready made garments industry are going to be destroyed badly. No headache in the leader’s head. How narrow mind of ours is! How crazy we are! How below our mind standard is!

However, one thing is cleared to the people of Bangladesh and that is no real patriot is here in the country.  All are for desiring power. Nobody from any political party think about common people’s welfare and country’s development. Present situation is the real example of that. So how can people trust the political leader?

Finally people are thinking to see new power in the future. I think they will  not cast their vote during next election time to none of them. Rather they are strongly expecting any new political party comes to the power. Otherwise military government can be the right choice to control political party's bad behaviour in Bangladesh.