Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Property Distribution is a Serious World Problem


Property distribution among the all stages people is a serious global problem. Recently news was broadcasted on Monday evening 19 Jan, 2015 by bbc bangla radio channel from London. According to that report within next year 2016 only one percent (1%) people will hold the 99% property of total property in the world.

It is a very frustration to the conscious world citizen around the world. Specially who are directly connected with property or money distribution jobs like Bank, insurance company, leasing company, ministry of finance, central bank etc.

All head of the states including ministers and elites group and planners from financial institutes are responsible for this imbalanced distribution of money. They are not contributing enough for proper distribution of asset to the all levels people in the society.

A large number of people are deprived to get their normal wages in their respective jobs. This is very common problem in the developing countries. We are astonished when we see that working people are also is far to get their legal wages and other facilities in the developed countries too.

The business owners including industrialists are not paying right fraction of their earned money to the employees who are working hard to make money for them. In this regard government can take proper steps to establish fair wages policy to reduce the gaps between business owners and employees.

OXFAM the UK based international agency has recently published this true report.We strongly appreciate to this great organization to disclose this kind of poor property distribution news which can rectify the human’s injustice behaviors to the poor community around the world.

Most of the business firms and industrialists are not paying the right tax to the government. They are not paying to their employees their legal wages. Bank elite groups are not giving loan to the new comers in the industry. In this regard government can make law to bankers to introduce new money distribution policy where new entrepreneurs and young generation will be encouraged.

Poverty and hunger is the daily companion of Africa. Many people are dying from food. In Asia people are victim of malnutrition and unemployment problem. All are created from proper distribution of property. In this regard governments are responsible to create this situation.

Only government can change people’s attitude to reduce the greedy attitude of rich community from the world. In this regard top international organization and civil society will have to contribute to reduce the differences of poor and rich among the nations.

Islam can be good guideline in this regard. Jakat is one of the five fundamental principals of Islam. You will have to pay a fraction to the helpless people when you will cross the limit of your earning of property. But Muslims are also failed to implementing this valuable principal into their life. Not only in Muslim but all religions tell to help the helpless people. So, if the human being the best creatures of God can implement this religious principal injustice will be removed from the earth. Peace will be established in the world. There will be no problem of proper distribution of property in the world.

There are differences of demand of the people of developing and developed countries. In developing countries people are unemployed. They do not get their fundamental rights in the society. Even people cannot just take food three times daily. In this regard government will have to take proper step to establish more and more industries, which will help to create new jobs.

Corruption and too much party politics dependence are two major obstacles now in the developing countries.  They do not establish or encourage establishing local industries which can create huge job vacancy rather by taking bribe locally and internationally they are making their countries trading point. For proper distribution of property government will have to come out from this attitude.

In developed countries governments can take more and more tax from the rich group to establish research center for research work. To find new drug and treatment from killer diseases like cancer, heart diseases, lung diseases, asthma and kidney diseases. Around the world hundreds of thousands of people are dying from lack of treatment for those killer diseases. In this regards government will have to come ahead to make fund for building up more and more medical research center.

International organization like UN, ADB can do more for collecting money from rich countries to help the poor community around the world who are victim of hunger and malnutrition. This way proper distribution of property will be ensured and at the same time peace will be established in the world.