Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paris Attack in January 2015

France Incident 2015Paris attack  is the most hot news right now.Yesterday more than three million peoples gathered in France to condole the departed soul who died in terrorist attack in Paris. Among them 40 were head of state including Britain, Germany,Italy, Israel etc.We are also condoling their families who died in terrorist attack in Paris.

Some experts are worry about future about Muslims in France. Actually it depends on France Government policy how they will take it to resolve the problem. There are many doors are open in-front of France authority to control this situation.

Muslim and other religious clash is not new in France. There are many reasons of growing terrorist attitude among the Muslims in France. Probably France government did not care that carefully. If they could solve those minor issues carefully then they would not have to face this kind of historical incident.

As a blogger we want France will tackle this issue with calm head. They will have to find out the root cause of this incident. After finding  the root cause the Paris should take most appropriate correction and corrective action to resist this kind unexpected things in future.

Majority people around the world want peace. It is true for all religious people. So, nobody should insult whole community due to few culprits in the race. Probably misguided people can do this kind of hated job. Those who have no respect in law only they can do this kind of job.

So, it will wise decision for France to advise all religious people not to be excited. They should broadcast in the media to create awareness among all religious people that everybody should respect all religion. Nobody should insult or condemn any religion or disregard any culture of any religion.

We hope Paris government will learn his previous mistakes from this and take necessary actions which will not stimulate anymore rather they will take most effective corrective action to maintain world peace and happiness from PARIS ATTACK