Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pollybiddut in Bangladesh Reveiw

PollyBiddut or Village electricity in Bangladesh Review
Electrification in village area is one of the most well known steps of Ershad Shorker in Bangladesh. We appreciate former president H M Ershad for taking this kind of great decision for the welfare of the villagers during his ruling period. It was proper and right decision for village development.  

But how this electrification is implemented? How people are enjoying this electricity in village area? Now it is not irrigation time. Usually in buro cultivation electricity is used in much. Now it is off time of using electricity in pump or deep tube well. So, logically electricity is consumed less than any other period. But also in this off time  the electricity load shading period is almost twelve hours. Every hour interval there is a load-shading in the village area. In a word almost 12 hours people have to stay at home without electricity in a day.

You may feel wonder after reading this article. But it is reality in the village. Not only the city dwellers but villagers are also in great trouble to consume electricity according to their demand. Comparatively city dwellers especially Dhaka dwellers have to face this problem in fewer dimensions. But in remote area villagers have to face this problem twice.

After coming power ruling Awamileauge Government is telling that they have done a lot to remove electricity crisis. But I do not see any improvement in the village area though it has developed a little in city area. So village area people are frustrated to see this failure condition of present government.

This is not a assumption based articles. It is written on real circumstances. I went to my village house in Fulbaria Upazila in Mymenshing district in Eid ul Ajha 2014 holiday. I saw every hour of two people have to stay without electricity. The most horrible incident was happened in Eid ul Ajha night. Almost 11 pm to 7 am total 9 hours there was no electricity in Kushmail village. Due to electric crisis meat was rotten in the fridge. 

Will the respective authority show the causes of this kind of long time load shading in village area? People want to know why very often this kind of long load shading is happening. in village area?

This is not the scattered incident in Kushmail village. Electricity shortage is a problem all over the Bangladesh. Everywhere it crossed the people’s patient. People are becoming more emotional and sentimental. Raipur incident is the bright example of people’s dissatisfaction on government management system for electricity in Bangladesh.

Village people want to get rid of load shading in Bangladesh. They want to sleep without any disturbance of electricity at night. But when this dream of villagers will be implemented? The villagers are waiting to see the nice solution of electric shortage in Bangladesh. Will the present government be able to solve this problem in his 10 years period?