Saturday, November 29, 2014

Know your heart from Online

Know Your Heart from Online Tool

Heart is very important organ of your body. Without this organ nobody can live. So, it is very much important to know your invaluable organ with full attention. Recently scientist from USA Harvard school  has invented a software where anybody can check about the status of his heart. It is a great tool to know your heart.

In this heart software some questions will be asked and finally a report will come out. In that report many suggestions will also come out which can be followed by yourself to develop your heart status. We appreciate this kind of heart tools for patients. This is a great effort from the USA based heart organization HARVARD School of Public Health We appreciate for this kind of free tools for the people from the health institution.

After ending of answering some question when the result will come out then you will see a three colors containing with percentage of your heart's status. Based on your answer the result will shows the color and percentage of your heart. Just go to this page and click on the button Begin survey

Without medicine many advices will come for you. Specially food related information which are good for your heart can be known from this result. You will be also advised for regular exercise. No more talking simply go the link of Harvard school of public health to know your heart from online.