Friday, August 29, 2014

Dhaka Dwellers are in Great Risk from Railway Mismanagment in Bangladesh

Dhaka dwellers are in great risk because of train's hydraulic sound. From Kamlapur to Mohakhali in the
picture of the slum on the train line
middle of this area Khilgaon, Mogbazar, kawran Bazar, Tejkunipara, Nakhalpara area are badly affected. More than millions of people are living in this area.

Due to existence of slum both sides of train lines the train driver uses horn scatterly. Specially in the night and early in the morning when peoples sleep then very often the train's whistle are rang. So, people feel very bothering and at the same time it cause of various health issues including headache, heart problem, brain problem etc.

Present government is not taking any step to stop to living slum in this area. It is great risk for public health in this area. If little efforts are taken then this problem can be solved easily. Simply they can take step to remove slum from the both sides of the train line. High wall can be built in the both sides of the train lines to resist access of illegal inhabitants in those area.

A lot of cottage are built both sides of train lines. Peoples live here in cook here, bath here. They are polluting this area. Not only that a gray market has been built up on the rail line. Few Kacha market in Kawran bazar, and Nakhalpara have been built up. So, people are always making unexpected traffic jam from trains.

To escape from the accidents train driver is bound to stop the train's speed. At the same time almost all of the trains driver have to use hydraulic horn which is very harmful for children and older people. Probably it is not issue for slum dwellers but it is harming who are the residents nearby of this train lines. House owners, tenants, business owners, teachers, students all levels people are badly affected.

After independent many governments have come and gone but no government has take any effective measures to remove this problem. This is a burning issue. It is destroying our people's life silently. So, without any delay present government should take immediate action to remove slum from the rail line in these Kamlarpur, Khilgaon, Mailibag, Moghbazar, Tejkunipara and Nakhal para area of Dhaka metropolitan area.