Thursday, August 21, 2014



BRAC Bank is one of the fast growing private banks in Bangladesh. This bank was founded by BRAC NGO founder Mr Fazle Hasan Abed. Client service of this bank is very poor. Most of the branch has no enough staffs. Very often it is seen that many chairs are empty in the cash section to receive and deliver  money to its clients.

Today I went to deposit money to my own account of BRAC BANK but it is told from the farm gate and asad gate branch that I cannot deposit money to the teller counter if the amount is less than 50,000 Taka. What does it mean? What kinds of banking rule it is?

There are many account holders who have to send money on urgent basis. What they will do? Well, they will go to auto teller machine or atm booth to deposit his money. But the problem is that this money does not come to your account on the same day. That means you cannot deposit money or you cannot pay anybody through your account of brac bank on the same day or instantly if you deposit less than fifty thousand taka.

But some branches of BRAC bank take money less than fifty thousand like Zigatola branch. But it is a nonsense rule. I live in Tejgaon why I will go to Zigatola to deposit money to my account? It is wasting of time, extra trouble and pain as well as wasting of money. So, this is crazy rule of brac bank.

Customer service is very bad right in this moment. The bank should develop its customer service otherwise it will loose it clients as well as new client will not come to  open new account in brac bank.

Many private banks have good customer service like DBBL, IBBL Comparing with these bank the customer service of brac bank is inferior. Though instant deposit and account updating system is running in many developed countries around the world but in Bangladesh account holders cannot enjoy this facility yet.

Account holders can withdraw money from the ATM but they cannot get accounts update after depositing cash money in ATM booth. No bank in the country provide this service in Bangladesh yet. Usually it takes two or tree days to get updated balance of account.

Now brac bank customer dealing proves that this is the bank for rich people. It does not like to deal with middle class people. But it should not forget that it was grown by the savings of poor people. So, bank should have unique rule for all of its clients.

How to solve this problem? To solve this problem bank should employ more staffs to provide better customer service or they should develop their ATM deposit policy with instant account update system. We hope brac bank will take immediate action to remove people's pain for depositing money in their account.

The brac bank is living on peoples money but they are neglecting a group of people to provide its service. It should not  introduce this kind of rule. I hope Bangladesh Bank will take proper steps and necessary action on this bank if it continues its deposit policy for its clients.