Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Best College in Dhaka

best college in dhaka
Best college in Dhaka is the right keyword right now to find the best college for SSC passed students in Bangladesh. There are many colleges in Dhaka city but quality and standard are not same for all colleges. There are few colleges in Dhaka where you can try to get admission. You can see the list of best college in Dhaka from below:
  • Notre dame college-Motijheel
  • Holycross college-Farmgate
  • Badrunnesa college-Chankarpool
  • Uttara Rajuk college-Uttara
  • City College-Dhanmondi
  • Rifles Public college- Philkhana
  • Residential model college- Mohammadpur
  • Dhaka college- Newmarket
  • Viqarunnesa college- Beilly road
  • BAF Shaheen college-Dhaka Cantonment
Considering the standard of education and evaluation of next successful carrier it is accepted by all people in Bangladesh that Notredame is the best college in Bangladesh for boys. Holycross is the best women college in Bangladesh.

The above mentioned two colleges take admission test before admission for their HSC students. They take the students after proper justification of their knowledge. Though all other colleges complete their admission activities just based on obtained numbers but the notre dam and holycorss take the test before admission.So the the colleges are the best college in Dhaka

The above list refers the top ten college in Dhaka. However if you think you will not get chance on those colleges than you can find some other colleges from top 20  college in Bangladesh

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