Thursday, April 10, 2014

Send Money From Bangladesh

send money from bangladeshSend money from Bangladesh is very hard job. Easily you cannot send money from Bangladesh. Though
around the world people are free. People are free to spend money to anywhere but this line is not true for Bangladeshi people

Now it is online era. Many things are purchased from online. America and European countries are much more ahead for online purchase. Even our neighboring country India has no restriction to online purchase. But in Bangladesh online purchase is almost prohibited. I mean international online purchase.

If you like to purchase something from amazon or ebay you cannot do that. Because for online purchase you need international credit card or paypal account. In Bangladesh both of them are very restricted. International credit card like visa card, master card is not for all. Only for high salaried and established business owners can get that.

Paypal is the popular online payment system around the world. It is very easy to open. People can independently spend money or receive money through paypal. But Bangladeshi people are deprived of this great media to send money from bangladesh.

Send money from Bangladesh
For blogger, online marketer and for free lancer online various tools including software are very necessary to purchase. But without paypal account you cannot purchase these online tools from online store. Paypal is not allowed in Bangladesh.

Domain registration is another important task for new blogger and online marketer. Easily domain can be purchased and hosted from various domain registrars and hosting providers around the world. These purchases are also cheaper than local purchase. But you cannot purchase domain from USA or from Europe. The cause is no paypal and no credit card.

Recently Bangladesh  Govt has declared digital Bangladesh, On the other hand they are keeping people far from digital facilities. Is it not bluffing? Is it the sample of  real digitalization?

To get more revenue it is need to get more online engagement. You need new tools and new facilities. Blogger, free lencer and online marketer will have to spend before earning. But how they will spend? They cannot purchase directly from online. They cannot send money from Bangladesh.

online paymentDue to continuous demand smart blogger and free lancer are bound to purchase on line tool including domain and hosting services. They take help of papal owners who are not Bangladeshi. In this regard they are paying very high conversion rate. Per dollar they have to spend 5-6 taka more than normal US Dollar banking exchange Though that payment processes are not secured This is really extra burden for them.

Not only for blogger and free lancer it is a problem for all kinds of Bangladeshi people. If you want to send money to your relative in abroad  you will have to run  Bangladesh Bank(central bank of bangladesh) for few days to get approval. So, Send Money from Bangladesh is a very tough job.

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