Thursday, April 24, 2014


Rana Plaza first anniversary day today. Today is April 24. This day in 2013 the historical factory tragedy in Bangladesh happened. In the incident 1134 workers died. Several thousands were injured. Many of them lost their job. Several hundred became paralyzed.
rana plaza tragedy

People of Bangladesh hoped the present Government will present fair and  proper judgement. But after one year the government's silence proved again this government is for to save it's party people. They do not care the opinion of common  people. As a blogger I strongly condemn the government policy.

People would be satisfied if they could see the hanging of the owner of Rana Plaza owner Mr Rana. But government has frustrated the whole country. Probably this is the incident where Awamiliague will have to pay the compensation in coming general election. Most of the people are unhappy to see the government attitude about fair judgement of criminal.

It is cleared that Mr Rana is responsible to kill these 1134 people. So, why late to take the verdict. Why so late to hang Mr Rana? He is supporter of present government. So, the unnecessary delay. If this is the answer people will lose their faith on present governments principle on judiciary process.

According to the CPD, a total of 1134 were killed in the Rana Plaza tragedy, while 332 other sustained major injuries and 1468  minor injuries, and 98 still remained missing. 

Dear visitor probably you are known about the rana plaza tragedy. The building was built illegally. The building had no legal designing and it was built by violating building code. So, Mr Rana built this building illegality. He is responsible for this killing activity.

In the anniversary day many family members were shouting to get back their family members according to the 24 tv news.. But the government is still failed to provide the real account of missing people. The govt is failed to provide compensation them. Read more here