Saturday, April 26, 2014

ISO Certificate Can Save Millions Dollar

Recently Otobi factory fire lost millions of dollar. The factory is located near Dhaka at Savar. It is one of the largest furniture makers in the country. Not only for domestic demand after meeting local demand the company also exports furniture to abroad.
otobi fire

It is assuming that there was no proper fire protection or preventive action to protect fire inside the factory. This incident reminds our another furniture makers the importance of fire protection.  Without proper fire protection how this kind of big factory is running? It shows how dangerous to show  the negligence of taking preventive action.

ISO 9001 Certification is the great tool to develop factory status including preventive action. However proper implementation of ISO requirements are necessary to get result from ISO Certification. According to ISO 9001 standard preventive action is must doing things for ISO Certification or ISO certified company.

Just by spending several thousand dollars a company can adopt ISO Certificate. ISO 9001 is a great tool to protect your asset. There is a clause about preventive action in the standard. If any company really obey this clause the company will get good output from this most popular standard ISO 9001.

But it is observable that many companies do not adopt ISO Certificate though it is a great tools to protect their asset. Recent otobi fire incident remind us the importance of ISO Certification in Bangladesh. Probably the company had no ISO Certificate or the furniture company did not implement the clause poperly.

Not only preventive action corrective action is also very important to continual improvement in the production of the manufacturing company. According to the ISO 9001 Standard you will have to find the root cause of the Nonconformity or accident. After finding root cause the necessary corrective action is taken to remove the root cause of of the accident or nonconformity.

Not only the accident the company top management can be benefited in various ways if it adopts ISO Certificate. ISO Certificate helps a  company to reduce production cost. It increases staff's competency. It helps to increase engagement of all levels of people inside the company. To know more about iso 9001 benefit you may visit here..

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