Saturday, March 22, 2014

Twitter is Banned in Turkey

Twitter in TurkeyTwitter is one of the most popular social media site is banned by Turkish court. According to Al Jajira Television news around 10 million people use twitter in Turkey. Most of the twitter users are young people. Suddenly ban of popular social media TWITTER  has shocked the western media as well as twitter followers around the world.

In the recent years social media has contributed a lot to broadcast news as it happens based. It is also the excellent media to spread the news in a moment. It helps to extend business as well as educate the people to know unknown things instantly.

Why the Twitter is blocked by Turkish Government? According to the BBC news the corruption news of present government of Turkey was spreading rapidly in Twitter last Thursday. It could hurt the government popularity among the peoples in Turkey that's why the government has decided to ban this most popular social media in Turkey.

Mr Erdogan said earlier on Thursday. "I don't care what the international community says at all. Everyone will see the power of the Turkish Republic," This kind of statement really shock the online community.

This is not the first time of banning social media in Turkey. You tube was also banned for two years in the country. several years ago.

As a blogger  I think Turkish govt has taken the wrong decision. No news can be stopped  by banning media or  applying force. Now the world has changed. Online  specially social media has been changing the world a lot. Nothing can be escaped or hide from this strong weapons

Probably it is the right time to be corrected yourself. Corruption in the developing countries is a major problems. Injustice and political dirty policy oppressed the common people. The invention of internet can contribute a lot to remove this kind of injustice, corruption and oppression policy from the world.

Finally thanks again to the founder of twitter as well as other social media owners like facebook, wordpress, you tube, linkedin etc for creating great tools which are contributing a lot to express people's view to change the world.