Friday, March 28, 2014

BRAC Bank Internet Banking

brac bank ibankingBrac Bank internet Banking review will help you to work with internet banking in Bangladesh. Internet
Banking is a great opportunity for people to transact money from one account to another account. But this transaction will be only internal banking. In another word you cannot send money to from brack bank account to another bank account. So, it is still great restriction in Internet Banking System in Bangladesh.

In this post I will express my experience about brac bank internet banking. Specially I will say my bitter experiences in this post. Once I forget my password. If you forget your login password then it is great trouble to get new one. So, my first tip is keep password in a safe and easy location.

16221 Call center is the  ibanking brac bank customer support centre. This is a place for making you trouble. If you ask anything they will ask you many questions. Account number, mother's name, nominee name and so so. Today I had to call 16221 three times to get my password. Each one took around 10-15 minutes.

Customer relation officer hold me on line around 15 minute. I will say it is stupid customer service. Few questions should be enough. Why they ask so many questions? Last two transaction, last deposit. Man is not robot. So, it is not easy to remember. They ask this type of question. If you do not transact very often it will difficult for you to answer.

The most bad things of brac bank ibanking  is that if the call cut for any reason in the middle of your call they will never call you. It is very bad culture of  of their customer care. They are doing business by your money but they do not have minimum couresy or consideration to call you back.

More bad things if you call second time you have describe full story again. So, it wastes your money, time and patience too. In this regard I will request management of brac bank to develop the barc bank internet banking system call center.

So, when you call do not forget to keep the following things nearby to you.
  1. Account number
  2. Debit card number
  3. Last two transaction
  4. Last two deposit
  5. Your phone number
  6. You must call from your phone which was used in account opening time.
  7. Nominee name
  8. Mother's name
  9. Where you have paid or deposited
  10. Your present address
  11. Your Permanent address etc
Ok, fine they can ask too many question but when the line cut again you will have to repeat all the things. It is really crazy. So, we hope BRAC bank authority will review their internet banking customer support centre.
Customer support should be made to satisfy to the clients not creating bother or creating disadvantages to the clients of BRAC Bank. As a prestigious bank We hope the bank authority will consider to develop BRAC Bank Internet Banking support.