Thursday, February 13, 2014

What is valentine day

History of Valentine Day

Valentine day is being celebrating since February 14, 270 A.D.

Once the Greek was sunk in many problems. one of the major problems was it was attacked by foreign countries very often. To protect this problem the ancient roman emperor Claudius 2 employed a large number of people in army. He believed if men marry they become emotional and become more family addicted. The emperor believed that a married soldier cannot be a good soldier. So, he prohibited marriage for soldiers.

Valentine was a saint. He protested against this wrong decision of Roman Emperor. He secretly helped soldiers to get married. When the angered Claudius came to know that incident and had him arrested and sent to jail.

Saint valentine is the leader of making opportunity to young lovers to get together and love each other. He helped to expressing love between men and women. He sacrificed his life for establishing right of love, right of marriage between men and women. So, since then AD 270 around the world valentine day is observed with befitting manner. 

Almost all countries around in the world  this VALENTINE DAY is celebrated. Though it was created from Christian group but all kinds of religious including Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist  people celebrate this occasion with proper dignity. It  has logic, because no religion support to stay unmarried. So, the theory of Roman ruler was wrong. That's why it is observed worldwide with magnificent manner.

There is another story of falling of direct love of bishop Valentine. Jailer Asturias knew that Valentine had miracle power. So, Asturias took help of the priest for his daughter. By his miracle power he recovered jailer's daughter from her blindness. Later this girl fell into love of Valentine.

So, there is a two  myths of valentine day one is direct love of saint and another is helping lovers to get married. For both kinds of contributions Valentine was so popular to the previous Romans. No he is more popular to the modern world around the glove.That's why we can say it is loving day. It is marriage day.

It is not enough to celebrate love only in the day. It is time to respect religious leader, bishop, saint and priest. We should pray for the great leader to the Allah. May Allah keep his soul with peace and happiness.

At the same time like Claudius 2 many autocrats are staying in many countries who are riding stream role of oppression on the common people. Specially in developing countries people are oppressed by stupid ruler. We should be organized to snatch our rights from those autocrat ruler. This should be pledge for our new generation of this Valentine day.