Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top 9 mobile phone Carriers in the USA

Mobile phone carriers in the USA and their subscribers have been shown in below. From the list it is clear that Verizon cell phone carrier has the highest subscribers among other mobile phone carriers in the USA.
Top ten mobile carriers in the USA(2013)
  Carrier Name                                       Subscribers
·       Verizon                                             119.45                      
·       AT & T                                       109.46
·       Sprint Nextel                                      54.57
·       T-Mobile                                           45.09
·       US Cellular                                         4.87
·       Metro PCS                                        9.47
·       Leap Wireless                                   4.64
·       Netlos                                               .45
·      Cincinnati                                           .35
Comparing the previous year the same period subscribers have been decreased for sprint, us. Cincinnati and leap wireless operators in the USA for third quarter of 2013