Friday, January 31, 2014

Dhaka International Trade Fair 2014 Review

Dhaka international trade fair is great event in Bangladesh. Every year this fair is organized by trade authority of Bangladesh. It is located nearby Dhaka-China Convention Centre at Agargaon area. A large number of people gather here to purchase their chosen product from this venue. Many international companies around the world including China, Pakistan, India, Iran participate in this fair.

I visited this trade fair 2014 with my family on January 31. This year the major good things of this fair are: A lot of stalls, varieties products, many foreign companies stall, a large number of consumers, a lot of ticket counter, less price of products, entertainment park, 9D cinema etc. 2014 Dhaka Trade fair was more crowded then Dhaka International 2013 trade fair.

A number of bad things were observed by me: First of all I saw at the entrance of the fair closest to Election commission arcade was covered with messy concrete, cement, sand, etc. It was an obstacle for people’s moving. There was only one gate. So, it makes extra jam for entrance and exit for huge crowds. Traditionally walking path was full of dust inside the trade fair. 

One of  the major bad things of the fair were no guides to help the visitors. It was difficult for consumer to find their chosen products or stalls. No rest or sitting arrangement. No footstall is in the venue. Bangladeshi people like to eat but this year 2014 DITF there was no food stall. So, most of the visitors were angry on management of DITF 2014

Another bad things of DITF 2014 was presence of shops  scam . I mean there were many shops for same products. I saw Pakistani stalls who were selling same product like salat cutting equipments in different stalls. Another bad thing of this fair was a lot of kitchen products stall and it was very annoying.

A trade fair can encourage people about industrialization. So, varieties kind of products including electronics, computer, industrial, software etc should be included in the fair. But actually it was not seen in the fair. So, the fair authority should think about it.
Every year the Dhaka Trade fair is organized in the same place. So, government should take step to make it permanent arcade for fair. It can save money and present more nice view and comfortable environment to the consumers.

To make it permanent government can build walking roads for fair visitors. They can make permanent stall for companies in different sizes. The fair authority should think the beautification of the DITF. When it will be built permanently then various development steps can be implemented.

I was astonished to see the crowd. It was very difficult to go ahead because of huge crowd. So, government should think the extension of the trade place. Every year people are increasing. So, government should think about the greater place to accommodate the fair crowd nicely.

To present nice and attractive fair government and private organization should work together. It is a nice trading place for both. Company owners can earn good money in short time and at the same time government can get good tax from the fair. It can increase import export business

Though there were many disadvantages in the fair but consumers were satisfied to buy their chosen product from the store. It was direct contact with the company and consumers. So, company can collect feedback from their customers about their products and presentation. Trade fair is a great point for companies, traders and consumers. In coming year we expect more beautiful Dhaka International Trade Fair