Friday, December 27, 2013

3G Internet Connection in Bangladesh Review

Recently 3Ginternet connection has been introduced by BTRC. According to this technology internet users in Bangladesh will get mobility with high speed internet connection. Mobile phone users will be benefited to enjoy video calling, live TV watching, enjoying cricket game, they will watch any live video on their way. We congratulate to the BTRC for introducing 3G internet service in Bangladesh.

After getting license from BTRC four mobile operators are providing this 3g internet connection to its subscribers through different packages. Teletalk is also providing this service to its subscribers in Dhaka and some other big cities in the country. They have various packages.  You can see the wireless internet service deal for gp here and here is teletalk

All the mobile operators have nice packages but the problem is the price, data quantity and validity. I do not know about mobile phone users who use internet in their cell phone. I have practical experiences of using teletalk and grameen 3g in my PC by 3g modem. I bought grameen unlimited package for 1100 taka in December. But unfortunately I could use only seven days. After seven days taka 1100 was finished. After seven days they did not cut my line but the speed like cart. You cannot check even email through that internet speed.  So, if you are professional internet user then no grameen packages is suitable for you. But if you spend taka 4000-5000 per month then it is only possible to use grameen 3g internet service or other mobile operator’s 3g internet services for your professional work.

Teletalk 3g internet connection is also as same as gp 3g internet. I tried teletalk 3g internet modem unlimited package for taka 1300 though its validity was one month but after seven days it was stopped. I could not use that 3g connection again. So, this is the real fact of 3g internet services in Bangladesh. From my experiences I can say if you want to browse internet for 5-6 hours then no 3g internet package is suitable for you from any mobile operator. For continue 3g package for one month you will have to pay taka 4-5 thousand monthly.

There is a proverb “Old is gold”. So, finally I went back to my previous local broadband service provider. Now I am paying taka 800 only for 512 KB per month unlimited data upload and ownload basis. It is much cheaper. So, for professional use there is no substitute of local broadband internet service provider.

Now it is question how a broadband internet service provider can provide such package. On the other hand why the mobile operator cannot provide such savvy package for mobile phone users? If they cannot follow the broadband service provider’s principle then they will definitely lose their 3g internet subscribers.
Bangladesh is dreaming to be a digital Bangladesh.  Providing high speed Internet connection @ lowest rate is important to implement that dream. I think BTRC and respective departments of BD government will think this over pricing issue for 3g internet connection by the mobile operators in Bangladesh.