Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Nandan Park is the the Best Amusement Park in Bangladesh

Nandan park is one of the best amusements parks nearby Dhaka in Bangladesh. It is good theme park nearby Dhaka. Comparing with population the entertainment facilities are very poor in Dhaka city. Though there are some public open places like National zoo, National museum, Botanical garden, Balda garden, Hatir zill etc. Those are government owned. Not  enough private local amusement park has been built up yet in Dhaka or nearby Dhaka city.

In the recent year considering the people’s demand two public amusement park have been built up nearby Dhaka city one is Fantasy Kingdom in Ashulia and another one is Nandan Park located in Kaliakoir. We welcome and congratulate the owners of that two amusement park . 

To enjoy these theme park you can get Bus from Farm gate, Mohakhali Bus   terminal, Motijheel, Uttara, Abdullapur and some other parts of Dhaka city. Amusement Park tickets are available at the ticket counter of the park. The amusement park attraction are Water world, car racing, mountain riding etc. You can buy amusement rides inside the park.

Yesterday on Dec 25 I went to Nanndan park to enjoy the natural scenery and the rider’s test with my children. It was very enjoyable.Our family and I enjoyed this fun park nicely. I and my family members enjoyed it too much. There are many riders  to enjoy. I purchased Taka 270 per person package. 12 riders were included in that package. There are some more riders were not included in that package.

There are more riders like car race, water world, train riders,5D Theatre  etc but those are not included in this package.  T ilt a whirl, carle e car, Iceland, water coaster, boat journey(paddle boat),moon maker, net a ball, softball throwing,caterpillar, rock climbing,zip slide. We rode almost all except water coaster. If you bring extra dress then it is suitable for you. Because you will get wet in this rider. The park is famous because it is only  family indoor water park.

Paddle boat, and rock climbing were the most enjoyable to me.  5D theatre is also enjoyable but they charged Taka 100 for that 5  minutes movie. IT is too expensive. In this show it seems all ghost is coming very close to you. I did not try to enter to the water world. Because you will have to bath and dance in this section. In the winter it is also not suitable for many of us. It is also expensive. Taka 400 is entry fee for this section of Nandan park. To enjoy birth party it is best water park in the city.

Food facility is very poor inside and nearby nondon park. You cannot get your food according to your wish. They have some snacks item in side the park. So, in the morning you will have to take only sandwich, chips or burger and coffee not other items for breakfast menu. In the noon you can eat packet lunch according to the amusement park authority’s choice.  You have no option to select lunch inside the amusement park. So, it is better if you can bring your food during the departure time.

Another bad thing of this amusement park  is that there are no shops or food stall have been built up nearby the Nandan park area. So you cannot by anything if you need extra something. So, if you think you need some first aid during the riding then you c an bring first aid box along with you. I saw a  girl was crying for her pain in the head  and her father was using wet cloth and telling not to cry for her wounding and nothing is serious.
·         Not enough direction map for travellers inside the park
·         Not developed food court
·         No uniform for Park staffs
·         Rider prices are costly
·         No boundary fence or wall in the west side.
·         Not enough kid’s play item
·         Some riders are too costly like water world
·         Less menu in the food court
·         No cautionary for kids besides the rider
·         Not enough tent for travellers .
·         Not enough roads for walking inside the nandan park.
·         Not good transportation
·         Ridere’s price is expensive
·         No feedback box for travellers
·         No first aid box was there
Good things:
·         Gentle and calm environment
·         Open sky over the park
·         A nice pond
·         Authority’s good willing
·         Friendly staffs
·         A lot of trees
·         A mosque (both for men and women)
·         Neat and clean environment
Overall view: Though there are some disadvantages inside this amusement  park but there is a proverb that “nai mamar chaye kana mama valo”. I personally appreciate this kind of investment for common people. It is a great socail work. It can be more attractive if the authority care the people’s opinion and take action for developing the theme park NandanPark.  It is the best theme park for domestic and international tourist.