Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bangladesh is Passing Critical Moment

Based on General election Bangladesh has been passing very critical moment. Almost every day the major opposition party BNP is calling for seizing programs or so called oborod kormosuchi. In this program people are dieing almost daily. Until now around two hundred people have been killed and several thousands have been injured in the last several months’ political unrest in the country. 

The ruling party Awamileague is not responding to this incident. After coming power in 2008 election this party passed a rule about election policy without take permission of opposition party BNP. Though the Bangladesh Nationalist Party BNP did not go any strong protest again that rule but now when the election is very near, at this time BNP is very serious to boycott the election which is going to be held according to the new law.

On the other hand Awamileage is  very strict on their decision. They will arrange election within the time frame and according to the new law. The government is strict on his commitment. The government is very hard on their policy. They do not like to talk with BNP. Due to lack of flexibilities of present Government the present situation has raised.

Killing and injuring incident is nothing to the Government of Bangladesh and to the opposition parties. Everyday people are dieing from petrol bomb, bus firing and guerrilla attack from Opposition parties. People of Bangladesh are fade up to see these kind o incidents. They hate both Government and opposition parties. Both of the parties are fighting for gain power not people’s welfare.

General people are victim to the ruling party and Opposition parties. People of Bangladesh want to get rid from this kind of unrest environment from the country. They do not like to see killing news and burning news. The government is failed to provide people’s safety.  

If Sheikh Hasina resign from her premier post then this situation can forward to another way. Still writing on this article there is no prediction of her resigning. So, all kinds of professional s are very frustrated on Government policy. Businessman, exporters and daily laborers are mostly affected in this critical situation of the country.

People have lost their faith on political parties. It is assuming most of the people will not to go cast their vote in coming general election due to the bad nature of political parties in Bangladesh. In that situation county can face uncertain situation in near future. 

If the government cannot bring the BNP into election then the country will have to face more critical situation. More guerrilla attack and terrorist attack may occur even the  Awameleague win in the election. They may be failed to direct the nation due to killing, terrorist attack from opposition party BNP, Jamat and Islami Chatra Shibir.

BNP, Jamat-e Islam and Chatrashibir are very strong parties in Bangladesh.  They have a lot of followers and supporters. So, without their participation in election means keep many people back to express their opinion. So, it will difficult for Awamileague to lead the country neglecting those opposition parties participation.. It can create new problem in future.

So, majority people are waiting to see resignation of Awami government and making a fair election by participation of all parties of Bangladesh.  When it will happen fast the people of Bangladesh will dream for new Bangladesh otherwise there is no alternative to peaceful situation in this country.

When other countries are compete ting for economic growth around the world but Bangladesh is compete ting for gaining power. It is really frustration. The character of political parties in Bangladesh is very dirty.  Most of the people hate politics in the country. They want to come out from dirty politics in this country.
Bangladesh is waiting for a real patriot and real leader who really loves the country. But no such leader is created yet in its 42 years history. The people of Bangladesh have gained independence from Pakistan but they did not see yet any economic freedom. They are watching only dirty politics, killing news, corruption, jealousy activities among the political parties. They are dreaming for new power, third power what can be created from new generation.