Saturday, September 21, 2013


DBBL ATM machine and its software is a great threat for you. It you try several times and faile to receive money from the atm, then automatically it cuts money from your account. So, if you are DBBL client please be informed that your money can be debited if you try several times to withdraw money from ATM of DBBL.

Like others I have faced the problem. I went to buy a laptop from Agargaon IDB Bhaban. I did not brought money with me but I took DBBL Debit card. I draw taka 20,000 for the first time and for the second time when I tried to withdraw more 20,000 it said you have exceeded your range of withdraw. So, in that day I had to come back to my house to take another ATM card to buy laptop from IDB Bhaban.

Though I was not able to withdraw money from that booth but in fact the ATM box cut money from my account. After few days of that incident when I was checking my account status I saw two times my money was deducted from my account. Though I got 20,000 taka but in my statement it was showing two times 20,000 taka was deducted.

I was amazed to see this account statement. Instantly I called the ATM help center. Then from the help center a guy told me to submit an application about this issue. It is another kind of oppression to get back my money to my account. After submitting application it took around 3 days to get back my money from the authority of dbbl..

I think there is a restriction of software of ATM machine of DBBL. The strange thing is that they do not call me or they will not call you when the money is deducted falsely. It can be known by your own efforts only. I think it is very bad thing of Dutch Bangla Bank ATM in Bangladesh.