Friday, August 2, 2013

Train Line in Dhaka City and Public Health

Bangladesh Rail is the government owned Communication sector in Bangladesh  . The main junction of this railway starts from Kamlarpur at Dhaka. It is one of the major communication media of Public transports in the country. This railway system is badly affecting on public health in residential area in Dhaka.

From Kamlapur to Mohakhali  specially Khilgaon, Shahjahanpur, Malibagh, Mogbazar, Kawran Bazar, Tejkunipara and Nakhal para area people are badly affected. Every hour many trains leave and arrive in Kamlarpur station. During train running time the high powerful horn are rang in this area. So, high level sound pollution is created.

Surrounding this train line area a huge number illegal slums have been built up. This kind of slums are very close to the train lines. Not only the slums illegal market and wet market have been built up on the train line. So peoples make unnecessary jam on the train line. To remove this crowds from the train line the train driver use the powerful whistle. This whistle is very harmful for slum and the nearby people of train line area.

Several millions people in this reasons are affected from this unnecessary train whistle. Specially childrens are badly victim of this kind of artificial causes of sound pollution in Dhaka. High power of train whistle can create various diseases like headache, brain diseases, memory losing, losing hearing power, heart attack etc.

A little efforts from the  government can help a large number of people nearby train line in Dhaka from this unexpected sound pollution. Removing slums or rehabilitation of these slums from  Kamlapur - Mohakhali rail line is the only way to reducing this artificial sound pollution. After shifting these slums govt can make protected fence and deploy unauthorized access of slums and wet market in this rail lines. When driver will see no jams on the train line he will not use the horn in this residential area.

Bangladesh is a democratic country. Democracy means government is for the people and by the people. But it is a matter of regret that no government has taken any effective steps to remove this kind of  illegal slums from the train lines area from this residential area.

As a Dhaka dweller and as a blogger I am protesting this kind of illegal slums on the train line. It is government's duty to keep clean and safe public train line. But government of Bangladesh has no headache on this sensitive issue. The people of Dhaka dwellers expect government will take necessary steps to remove this kind of illegal slums and market from train line area  without any delay.