Friday, July 12, 2013

Kalabagan Field can be a good example for School in Dhaka

Student health in Bangladesh is in great risk. Students are the great asset of any country. With general education student health should be considered as a basic subject  in the school. But in Bangladesh government is doing nothing for student health development. Student can get rid of various diseases like asthma or breathing diseases,lung infection, skin diseases which comes from dust.. Mostly it comes from the school play ground.

Dust comes from playground is the major cause of air-pollution surrounding the school area. Air pollution is a cause of lung cancer. Read more about it here. So, the respective authority should care about this neglected issue as an important issue to protect our future leaders health. Otherwise we will not be able to present healthy young generation in Bangladesh.

School Play ground is the factory of dust in the school of Dhaka. The main reason of it lac of maintenance and lac of cleanliness system in the school. Specially the play ground condition is very bad  almost in all schools in Dhaka. Most of the school's playground is grass less. There is no grass inside the field. So, dust always fly from the playground in Bangladesh.

School authority and government should take joint venture campaign to grow grass in the field. Specially long time holiday period can be the right time to grow grass in the school field. In this regard just willingness, awareness and little love to our future generation can lead the grass growing campaign plan into a real application.

Kalabagan play ground can  be the bright example of building up a nice play ground. Once the field was grassless but recently the filed looks very nice. The authority of  Kalabagan field has taken a good decision to maintenance the field. Specially grass growing plan should be the bright example for school of Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Ministry of education in Bangladesh, Ministry of health, Ministry of sports and School authority should take combined plan by following the Kalabagan field authority's activities about grass  growing campaign in the school field.  They should think about student health in Bangladesh.

We, the all guardians of Dhaka want to take admission for our children in the Government school in Dhaka. But do you know how the importance of play ground inside the school? Most of the government school in Dhaka is grass less or half glassless. So, when students gather in the fields for playing or running or participating in the assembly then huge amount of dust fly in the air. Dust goes inside the lung of all student and get affected by various diseased like asthma, lung cancer etc. So, students get ill very easily.

As a guardian of your son or daughter what are you thinking? Please make comments to make this blog post about grass growing campaign in the school field fruitful. Your expression can make create sense to our government and school authority to make any law which can protect our student health in Bangladesh.