Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tremendous Loadshading in Dhaka City

load shading in Dhaka has crossed the people's patient. It was May 04, 2013. From the morning regular load shading was flowing all over the Dhaka city. From morning to evening at least 4 to 5 hours people of Dhaka city have enjoyed this bothering word load shading. It is acceptable as a short interval but why suddenly people of Dhaka(specially in Tejgaon area) had to stay without electricity from 8 PM to 12 pm on May 04, 2013?

It is terrible and very uncomfortable weather in Dhaka city. In this situation load shading has increased people's pain in Dhaka. Though it is broadcasting that there is a little electricity shortage but over and over  loadshading in Dhaka proves probably power and energy ministry is trying to hide the differences of  real demand and production capacity of electricity. At least the popular Manobjomin potrika is assuming it.

It is terrible hot in Dhaka. It is tremendous hot in Bangladesh. People are feeling very uncomfortable weather. In this situation very frequently electric load shading has added extra pain over Dhaka dwellers. Specially when people were preparing to going bed then sudden electric disruption is really unexpected to Dhaka dwellers.

I am astonish when I was looking for cause of long time electric load shading on May 04, 2013 but could not find any news about load shading  in major daily newspapers. However I have found a regular load shading report at Manob Jomin.

Bangladesh has huge power shortage still now. So many rich people has alternative source of power like generator, private power station, or solar panel etc. But majority people have no alternative source of power. So, people of Bangladesh specially city dwellers have been struggling a lot in this summer season.

Lac of proper information from ministry of power and energy  has increased people's pain more. This department should broadcast daily power shortage statistic to the city dwellers by popular mass media like BTV, Radio etc. But this kind of people's welfare based steps are not seen yet. Yesterday's sudden four hours load shading proves that.