Friday, May 10, 2013

Miracle Incident at Rana Plaza in Dhaka

Reshma the victim of Rana Plaza disaster has been rescued today Bangladesh time at 4.30 pm  on May 10, 2013. It is a real miracle incident. After 17th day of rescue operation the Bangladesh Army, Red crescent Society, and volunteer team have jointly rescued the girl from the 2nd floor of RANA PLAZA.

Reshma was looking fine during the rescue operation. According to the interview with BTB a army officer said she was asking for water when she looked a army officer at her first sight after staying in the deep dark alone for more than two weeks. 

This is great work for Bangladesh combined rescue operation team. There is no  doubt that the combined team has worked with proper caution to save a living life in the devastating place of  Rana plaza. The people of Bangladesh are happy to hear this news in BTB Screen. this afternoon.

The lucy girl was in the second floor when it was collapsed. It is assuming that the girl is very lucky and she was innocent. So, God has showed her special mercy. On the other-hand it is also remind-able that Allah can do anything what he wishes. It is an example for atheist and weak believer about Allah.

Reshma can be the followable character for others who are living in this world. She has some special virtue in her character which has separated her among others to live on. God has showed her special mercy to live on in this earth. She is an excellent example for whole human being in the earth. Human being should establish their belief on God newly. This rana plaza incident is the good reference for the world to establish their faith on God more attentively.

The girl  said she got some dry food in the floor. Everyday she took little bit from that food stock. Some of rescuers was telling that two days before her food stock was finished. Rescuer Mr.Razzak said Rasma collected those food from other garments worker who kept their dry food during the crash of Rana plaza.

Until now 1041 dead bodies have been recovered . Another 2500 wounded persons have been recovered. It is assuming that if the rescue work  would be done more rapidly and  more seriously more alive life could be recovered.

However more information could be disclosed form Reshma when she will come to express her experiences to the media reporters about confirm death square of Rana Plaza.