Friday, April 5, 2013

Internet Banking of Islami Bank in Bangladesh

Islami Bank Internet Banking is one of the most popular banking system in Bangladesh. There are many facilities of Internet banking. You can transfer money from your one account to another account not only that you can send and even receive money from another account holders too. You can pay mobile bill. You can recharge your prepaid mobile (for all mobile operators) from your home computer or from your smart phone If you have Islami Bank Internet Banking.

Islami Bank Internet Banking System helps to recharge your mobile.Recharge Prepaid mobile is one of the common task of mobile phone users in Bangladesh. All bank in Bangladesh did not introduce this feature yet for its clients. Even DBBL has not prepaid mobile recharging option yet. It is one of the great opportunity for the clients for Islami Bank in recharge prepaid mobile from the Islami Bank Internet Banking system.

Discrimination: Though Islami bank has many good options but still it has some restriction about fund receiving from online from other account holders. I have faced this problem personally. Somebody transferred some money from his account to my account on Wednesday evening but It was credited to my account on Saturday Morning. It took around two days to receive money from the other account.

 It is really matter of frustration for Islami Bank Internet users. People use internet for instant service. Two days is a long time. It proves very slow process of their system or software. I  think Islami Bank will develop this process for its users to receive money instantly under Islami Bank Internet Banking System.