Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Garments Accident in Bangladesh

Garments Accident is a very common incident in Bangladesh. Very often it is heard in Bangladesh. Due to unplanned industrialization,lac of safety procedure, negligence of garments owner and silence of foreign importers and mis-management of chain of supply of importers are the major causes of Garments accident in Bangladesh.

Another major problem is excessive security system of Garments owner is caused of Garments accident of Bangladesh. During the accident period garments workers cannot exit hurriedly due to lock up of main gate. Garments owner think employee can steal garments product during the accident like garments fire. People's life is less important than product to the garments owner.

Another problem is lac of implementation of ISO Standard like ISO 14001 or EMS standard and ISO ISO 18001 or   OHSAS. This two standards are very important for garments owner to establish, implement and maintain in  garments industry to protect accident.

But implementation of ISO standard is expensive in Bangladesh. Only few Western European based Certification Body are providing ISO Certificate in Bangladesh. They are taking huge money from the industry owner. Many SME Organization cannot afford  it. To achieve and implementing ISO Standard in a factory several thousand US Dollar is necessary. That's why many garments owner does not like to establish ISO standard in his factory.

ISO standards can help organization to resist this type of unexpected  accident in Garments industry.. It   teaches employees and management how to tackle the critical moment. It makes management more sincere and alert. It increases responsibilities of management.

Death of a garments worker means death of a family. Death of a garments worker brings cry of several soul. As a civilized society member nobody expect it. Respecting this humanitarian issue world famous and top garments buyer WALL-MART has taken initiatives to reduce garments accident in Bangladesh. You can read the news from CLAIM JOURNAL.We appreciate this kind of great steps for garments buyer. If this principle is followed by other garments buyers around the world it will be very helpful to protect garments accident in Bangladesh.

Considering the development of factory status and working environment recently BAS has started its certification activities at very cheap price. UK and Dubai based this International ISO Certification Body BAS has been providing ISO Certificate on various ISO Standards in Bangladesh..

BAS's Country Manager Mr Abdul Halim is an ISO expert who has long time working experiences in America based ISO Certification Body. After living that company Mr Halim is trying to help SME organization including garments in Bangladesh to get ISO Certificate at low cost.

Those of you are  worry about ISO Certification cost it is a great opportunity for them to be certified and implement ISO Standard in his factory. With the cooperation of BAS Mr. Halim is providing  ISO certificate at low cost. Not only at low cost but there is flexible payment option too  for certification. YOU HAVE TO PAY SEVERAL HUNDRED NOT  THOUSAND DOLLAR. YOU CAN GET ISO Certificate for several hundred only from this Company. To know more about ISO Certification process you may visit his site