Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

Earth day 2013 again reminds us the world famous intellectual Mr John McConnell who first proposed the idea about earth day at the UNESCO conference in Sanfrancisco. He proposed to observe earth day on March 21 but later it was decided to observe Earth Day on April 22nd consulting with Mr Gaylord Nelson, US Senator from Wisconsin state.

Actually I was not aware about this date. But when early in the morning I opened Google Search Engine I saw  a neat and clean Google doodle based in  natural scenery I felt courageous and click on it. Then I came to know that  today is earth day. Thanks Google for reminding the world famous day. Not only me world wide many people know about the historical many international days from Google Doodle. It's a great step of Google to make awareness among the world population.

2013 Earth Day is the 43rd Anniversary of celebrating earth day. 43 years back a US citizen took the right decision about remembering the earth. the planet of our life's basis. Our life are constructed from this earth.  We get food, air, water to live on earth. But due to unplanned industrialization policy we are going to be destroyed soon in  our earth.

Actually the developed countries like Germany, UK, France, Japan, USA are responsible much for industrialization. Now they should come ahead to save our earth. Due to over industrialization deforestation  is hapening. Due to deforestation greenhouse effect is the major impact of our climate change.

Green house is the bright example of deforestation. So no more deforestation. We all will work for save the earth. At least one tree should be planted by you in this earth day. At the same time we will encourage others to planting tree. To get rid from green house effect we should have plant more tree.

Huge industrialization is the major threat for earth. So, developed industrialization policy should be implement world wide. We will have to find more substitute of wood. Invention of Plastic is the great friend of earth. Recyclable plastic product can be environment friendly.

We are looking forward to our next generation who will lead to invent environment friendly industrial product. In this regard without financial aid developed countries should offer more scholarship to the developing countries to find merit who can work for our earth and our planet. If they can do this  it will be real celebration of Earth Day 2013.