Saturday, March 30, 2013

What is NFC Mobile Phone

 NFC is a short form of Near Field Communications. It  is a wireless technology that can transmit data between two devices within a few centimeters distances of each other. It  works very fast. Using NFC you can transfer information between your phone and other NFC devices.. NFC chips are now being embedded into SIM cards in mobile phones. iPhone, Android enable mobile like Google phone, Blackberry  are NFC  chip enabled mobile phone.

NFC mobile can be used to by Ticket, purchasing product in any retail store. It is very environment friendly mobile option. NFC can cut costs by replacing physical receipts, tickets or plastic cards, while enhancing the consumer experience by providing greater interactivity and convenience. Gradually  NFC option enriched mobile phone is attracting mobile phone users to purchase NFC Phone rather than buying simple smart phone.This phone is using to use Contact-less Payment System