Sunday, March 10, 2013

Password Tips for Bloggers

Bangladeshi bloggers have been passing very difficult time at  this moment. Nowadays it is heard that one is entering to others blog. As a result dissimilar or unexpected blog post is showing in his blog. This is really serious offense in the Internet.
To protect yourself from happening any unexpected incident or unexpected blog post all BANGLADESHI BLOGGERS should be alert. The most important thing is to use strict password to protect unauthorized access of others from your blog.

Usually people use their own name, flower's name  or birth date in their password. But it should not be. Cheater can access to anybody's blog if  very simple password is used. So, change your password now. I am not password specialist. However it is heard that your password should be strong to protect from unauthorized access.

For strong password it is suggested to use at least one capital letter, one digit and one symbol. As an example Arwv123* is a strong password. So, if you are worry about your security of your blog, then it is important to change your password very frequently. I think this blog post will be a good blog tip for Bangladesh blogger.