Monday, March 25, 2013

Independence Day of Bangladesh 2013

Today 26th of March 2013 Bangladesh is celebrating it's 43rd independence day. Without any pre- declaration uncivilized Pakistani Military Government jumped on silent and sleeping people at the late night of 25th March. They killed 30 million peoples in this war. We condemn Yeahia and Bhutto's political decision about Bangladesh in 1971. They did great mistake by announcing war against Bangladesh.

Like other newspapers and magazines  Google has joined with Bangladeshi people to celebrate this historical day of Bangladesh. We congratulate Google's decision to taking this kind of good global activities. Focusing on special incident around the world Google sometimes changes their logo. It is also called Google Doodle. It is seen not only in Bangladesh( but worldwide( is seen.

Google has come to the top of  search engine lists because of it's activities. Google is the number one search engine around the world. Though there are some other search engine like Yahoo, MSN, AOL, All the web, but Google is the first who is  celebrating independence day with Bangladeshi people. We are grateful to GOOGLE. 

Today World will know the history of Bangladesh. It is a great publicity for Bangladesh. We congratulate Google's decision. Online searcher will remember Google for long time. From now world will thanks Bangladeshi freedom fighters at the same time online searchers will be shocked at the Pakistani Leaders  activities in the past.

Bangladesh has  got independence from Pakistan but still now the country is facing trouble to gain it's economic freedom. Some people are very rich and some people are very poor. Most of the people are  living below poverty limit.

Recent Bangladeshi's political activities  prove the political parties do politics only for their own welfare not for the people. Continuous hortal or strike is the bright example of that. On the other-hand government does not care political parties destructive activities. The government is very busy to hang the few peoples only. They are not worried about country's economy.

Hundred of thousands of people depend on Garments industry,Tea, Jute,frozen fish and leather industry. All are export oriented products. Due to continual hortal those industries will be ruined soon. The Bangladesh Government has no headache on that issue. It is seemed few people's life are more important than billions of people to the BD govt.

Want of unity is a great concern in Bangladesh at this moment. To achieve economic target unity, pardon and sacrifice are the most important things for Bangladesh. We hope Bangladesh Govt and opposition parties should realize that three important things soon. To deliver peace and economic freedom to the  people political parties come to the discussion table otherwise the meaning of independence will loose it's significance. Celebration of Independence day of Bangladesh will be worthless and meaningless.