Saturday, February 9, 2013

Shahbag Demonstration at Dhaka in Bangladesh

Shahbag demonstration is the most talked topic to the people of Bangladesh and to the world too at this moment. Recently High court has declared the punishment for Abdul Kader Mullah. In that declaration Kader was imprisonment for life term. But people of Bangladesh think it is very light punishment comparing the crime of him. To protest against this declaration the people specially the young generation including blogger and online protesters has gathered in Shahbag area the historical and important place of Dhaka city.

People had been waiting for years to hear a news of  proper justice of the war criminals. But the declaration of that prosecution of Kader Mullah has shocked the nation. The people are expressing their dissatisfaction toward Judiciary department by gathering at shahbag area of Dhaka city.

Today sixth day is running. No declaration is heard from the Government of Bangladesh. Kader Mullah has been  proven as a killer and murderer in the trial. He was proven guilty in five cases out of six. So, easily people were eagerly waiting to hear a news of supreme punishment for him but it was not heard. That's why this Shahbag rally in Dhaka.

The shabag mass movement of 2013 proves that the young generation do not like any partial judgement. It is assumed that the judge has been influenced by Government or by the International lobbing. People do no like to see any interfere on judiciary process of Bangladesh.

Shahbag gathering is a great notice for government. Young generation will not tolerate any injustice or low justice of war criminal. People are ready to protest against government autocracy and corruption policy.

Recently people were talking about third party. Probably a third party may be made from this historical rally at Shahbag.  People cannot trust on any old political parties false lectures. Economic steadiness and continual unemployment problem is hurting young generation of Bangladesh.

Some are getting more rich to richer on the other hand some are dieing want of  food. Some are travelling on bullet proof machetes Benz car, some are failed to ride on a crowded bus. This is the principal of Bangladesh politics. Since 1971 people have been watching this scenery. But no more, People do not want to see no more dual politics in Bangladesh.

Young generation can change this political culture of Bangladesh. Creation of a new political party is urgent. No Awamileague or or no BNP. It will be a neutral party who will dream to build a new Bangladesh. Who are dreaming equality of property.

We are waiting  for that kind of young party who will drive Bangladesh toward industrialization. Without industry no country cannot be rich. It is constant truth. But on the behalf of Bangladesh political parties no strong measures have been taken to do that. Only a third party can change the face of Bangladesh by industrialization. So we are waiting for a third party. Shabag rally is a good indication of that.