Sunday, December 9, 2012

Road Blockade Program in Bangladesh

Road blockade program in Bangladesh has been observed by BNP and it's alliance successfully. Watch the video picture in below of Dhaka city today. This blockade program has exceeded any strike program. Some cars are seen in the street during the strike day but in road blockade program there were no car, taxi, cng, private bus and all other vehicles in the street of Dhaka. The below video picture is proving how people supported 18 Parties opposition alliance and its street blockade program all over the country.

The above picture really frustrates the common people of Bangladesh. Government and opposition parties are busy to destroy the country. Though worldwide people are busy to build up their nation and economic development but in Bangladesh the picture is different. In the meeting and rally they say a lot but in practical life the activities are different. 

Strike and Road blockade program is the beginning of political clash and unrest in the country. It is assuming many other programs will be observed by Opposition 18 parties which can be a caused of economic destruction of the country. We hope government and opposition parties will sit for dialogue of peaceful solution of any political issue.