Monday, December 31, 2012

Google 2012 Review

Google is the number one search engine in the online history. This is a USA based search engine. It has been dominating on other online search engine like AOL, YAHOO, MSN, Alltheweb, Altavista etc. The most popular free products are GMAIL, BLOGSPOT BLOG, GOOGLE MAP, ADSENSE etc. Without those free products Google has been earning billions of dollar every year from its ADWORD advertising  Program.

Let's take a look what and how people has searched in 2012 in Google.

What about the google in 2012? How and what people have searched in the number one search engine google around the world. Let's see the most common search in the the Google fromt he following items.

What is the most serched image in Google?Answer: One Direction
Who is the most popular atletes in 2012?
Answer: Jeremy Lin
What is the most terrible even in 2012?
Answer: Hurricane Sandy
What is the most popular artist in 2012?
Answer: Whitney Houston
What is the most popular feature film in 2012?
Answer: The Hunger Games
What is the most popular TV show in 2012?
Answer: BBB12
What is most popular consumer electronics product?
Answer: iPad3
What is the best airline in 2012?
Answer: Southwest Airlines
What is the most popular music viedo song in 2012?
Answer: Gangnam Style
What iS SOPA?
Answer: SOPA means Stop Online Privacy Act 2012.
According to Google's statistic 1.2 trillion search has been done on various language in 2012 in Google Search Engine.