Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bangladesh Politics Passing Bad Time

Bangladesh politics is passing  very critical time at present. Climbing in power after wining in election Awamilieague and its allied parties are trying to divert people toward to see only one side and that is judgement of war-criminal. We congratulate the Government to do it. 

Top leader of war criminals are few jamat leader such as Motiur Rahman Nizami, Delwar Hossain Saidi, Mozahidi etc. Not only in state label but these war criminals are spread in the very root lavel. In all the villages there are war criminals. If you count at least five in each village the number comes around 68000*5=340,000. Around three lac forty thousand.

Surrounding the pure criminals there are many supporters too. The major supporter of Jamat is Islami Satrashibir. There are millions of  SATRRA SHIBIR member around the country. They are the major threat for government in Bangladesh. They are contributing a lot in Bangladesh politics. They are  fueling Jamat in Bangladesh Politics,

Now the government is trying to resist them to creating artificial political unrest. BD Government is using police force to arrest them. How logical it is? How much they will be successful to do this job? These are very common questions at this moment to all level citizens in Bangladesh.

Nothing  will happen in government or for political parties because they are well constructed. The problem is for general people. The problem is for Bangladesh. Due to political unrest Bangladesh loses a huge money everyday. This loss is for Bangladesh and Bangladeshi people not for government.

Surrounding the war criminal judgement more political unrest are awaiting in ahead. Common people are worry about it. Economic development will be destructed seriously. Because many strikes will be called by opposition parties. Is Government caring this issue? Strike is the major arm to destroy a country's economy. How government will recover it?

Overall economic development should be government's target. Just for killing few peoples should not be government's motto. Government should think seriously about 160 million people's luck not for few people. The people of Bangladesh want to see peaceful solution of any problem. They do not like to see any unrest , strike, killing, harassment, torturing or police role in the country. They want to see peace and development in Bangladesh. They do not like to see any serious unrest in Bangladesh Politics.