Thursday, November 8, 2012

Banga Bandhu Novo Theater Review

Banga Bandhu Novo Theater is a good attraction to the tourist. If you have time do not forget to visit this theater. It is located near the Bijoy Shoroni, besides Military Museum. It is also nearby Prime Minister's office. If you want to visit this place you can also visit some other places like Bangladesh songsoth Bhaban (Bangladesh Parliament House), Chandrima Udhan, Zia's majar, China Bangladesh Moitry Sommelon kendra, Prime Minister office etc.

I visited this nice looking building with my family. From outside it looks fine. Inside there is also neat and clean environment. There are few things to see inside of this tourist attraction. Big Theater Hall for enjoying film or other planned programs is the major item here. I saw only one plane rider. You can see also how earth is moving around the sun along with moon inside the building.

Banga Bandhu Theater has a round and big screen to enjoy film.The theater screen is round and very big. It is not suitable for your kid. If you are thinking to enjoy the film do not take your Kindergarten or primary school going children. Because it is very noisy which is harmful for kids. It makes headache during the film running time. 

There are lot of spaces are vacant inside the building. Authority can add many new items for tourist to enjoy  . I saw some mismanagement inside the Hall. Before starting there is no declaration or pre information for the visitors before starting show. The show can be more enjoyable if there is any declaration about the show inside the hall room.

If you want to come by bus, then farmgate is near or you can get out from bus at khamar bari. If you come by taxi or CNG then you can say simply tell taxi driver about Bijoy Shoroni moor. The entry fee is Taka fifty. There is only one rider. Riding fee is taka twenty. There are few shows at 2 hours interval. First one starts at 10.30 a.m. Tickets are sold two hours before starting the show.

Bad things of Novo Theater: Though it is a nice place but there is some bad things inside the theater. Management should be reconstructed inside the theater. It is not child friendly. Without theater hall there is not enough items to see. AC is very powerful. Temperature should be controlled thinking about all people's health. Shows are very poor quality.

Finally you can enjoy this nice building if you like to enjoy Cinema.  It can brings freshness in your busy city life. But remember the weekly holiday is Wednesday. No food is allowed inside the theater. Also remember do not take children with you when you go to Banga Bandhu Novo Theater.