Sunday, October 14, 2012

What is 3G

3G is a short form of Third Generation. It is known as a developed technology of Mobile technology. The basic of 3G is speed. High speed data transfer. A 3g capable phone can download data at 384kb/s. Nowadays smartphones  are used to take the taste of 3G technology.

3G technology allows cell phones (and other devices capable of connecting to a cellular network) to send and receive data at speeds comparable to cable.. There are two major families of cellular tech, commonly called CDMA (code division multiple access) and GSM (global system for multiple access), each having their own  array of specific sub-technologies, that qualify as "3G."

HSPA (or UMTS) High Speed Packet Access  is a little more complex. HSDPA and HSUPA are actually components of the broader HSPA standard. HSDPA, or High Speed Downlink Packet Access, is the set of standards that govern download speeds over 3G GSM networks. HSUPA, on the other hand, defines upload speeds. AT&T and T -mobile are the example of using HSPA technology.  GSM based mobile technology uses this HSPA technology.

On the other hand Sprint and Verizon use CDMA based technology EV-DO. EV-DO means evolution data omptimized. Rev.0, Rev.A and Rev.B are three phases of EV-DO technology. 7.2 Mbits per second under EV-DO technology. It is sufficient for Voip Call. It can handle both data and voice call at a time.

Recently Bangladesh has inaugurated a 3g technology based seminar with the help of Chinese Government. State owned mobile operator Tele talk is the indtroducer of 3G technology in Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina and her son IT specialist Joy Wazid and Chinese ambassador were present in the conference. We congratulate this kind step of Bangladesh Government. It will help cell phone users to use cellphone with enjoying multimedia programs more spaciously. After all we congratulate 3G technology in Bangladesh

What are the benefits of 3G?
By using 3g technology you can download or upload or share any MP3/MP4 song, any video file shortly. Video calling, video conference are also possible from 3g technology. To send or receive any attached file 3G connection is required from your cell phone operator.

Worldwide young generation are too much interested to get 3G technology. Due to proper infrastructure in telecommunication and cell phone sector in Bangladesh this latest  technology has come finally in Bangladesh in 2012 in October 14.

In 3g network you can download an three minute MP3 song within 15 seconds where you had to wait 8 minutes to download a 3 minutes MP3 song in 2G network. So, 3G will defenitely save your time and increase your motion hopefully.

It is expected to to enjoy 3g technology in cellular phone there will be a great demand of 3g or smart phone in Bangladesh. In this regard Samsung, Nokia, LG, or China based smart phone makers will capture the Bangladeshi smartphone market.

iPhone, Blackberry  also has high standard smart phone but due to high price of those smartphone those America and Canada based cellular companies will not do well in the smartphone market in Bangladesh.
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