Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Palestine Crisis

Solution of Palestine Crisis

Palestine crisis is the oldest problem among others in the world. Palestine problem is one of the Middle East problems which is continuing since 1967. It is the long time fighting which is not solved yet. Palestine did not get independence from Israel yet. Though the majority of populations are Muslim but they are failed to establish their long time and most wanted claim independence from Israel.

Actually the Palestine is the center point of three religions those are Islam, Christian and Jews. All peoples from those religions are claiming that their holy place is Jerusalem. Muslims are claiming that their first mosque Al-Aqsa was built in Jerusalem. Christians are claiming that their Prophet Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Jews are also claiming that their prophet Abraham(A) was born in Palestine. So, no religious people like to leave their heretical traditional right to leaving that country.

Almost everyday it is found that Palestine people are dieing on Israeli attack. After several wars Palestine peoples are scattered to the neighboring countries like Libya, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran. Now Palestines are refugee in those countries.

Though during the Easir Arafat’s period the west bank and Gaza strip were become independent but other majority areas are still captured by Israel. It is a great frustration that sometimes Israel does not care to attack on refugee camps on neighboring countries of Palestine. Due to lack of military power of neighboring countries and continual US military and economic support Israel is doing this.

To protest this kind of injustice and in humanitarian activities of Israel some guerilla group have been established which are supported by neighboring countries like Iran, Iraq and Lebanon and Syria. Hamaj and Islami Jihad are two most powerful groups who are working actively to take revenge on Israel.

It is a great shame for world that they are failed to present a fully independent Muslim nation for Palestine people. How long will it continue? It is the asking of all kinds of religious people around the world. World populations do not like to see this kind of bloody, uncivilized work at this civilized era.

To solve this kind of long time hanged problem Muslim leaders will have to come ahead. It is religious claim and responsibilities of Muslim leaders to help helpless Muslim. In this regard they should have to be united.

The root cause of Palestine problem is United States of America. They are supporting illegally, blindly and in injustice way to the Israeli Government. Muslim leaders will have to take long time plan to solve this problem. If necessary they will have to cut all relation with US.

Stopping relation with US is not easy job. I personally think all middle-east countries specially oil enriched countries are fully dependent on US technology to lifting their oil from underground or from the sea. They have leased their oil field to the US Companies.

Before stopping or cut down relation it is urgent for them to build up technology for oil lifting from their geographical area. They will have to prepare own trained population to deal their oil by themselves. Otherwise it is not possible to cut down relation with US. All middle countries should take future plan that within one or two decade they will build up their own technology by their own people. Then, they can be able to show real protest against US.

It is believed that Laden attacked on US on September 11, 2001 and destroyed Twin tower due to US injustice attitude toward Muslim in Middle-east. But without changing it’s attitude US is continuing to find Laden’s followers after killing Osama Bin Laden on May 02,  2011 in Pakistan. I think US government is doing wrong.

US government should find and remove the root cause of US opposition attitude around the world. Without cutting leaves it will be wiser decision for US government to cut the roots of a tree and that is developing relation with Muslim. Show respect to other religion. Develop relation with Palestine. If the US can do this Palestine crisis will be solved