Sunday, August 5, 2012

Traffic in Dhaka

Dhaka Traffic jam is a Serious problem at this moment. Zatrbari-Motijheel  area traffic signal has crossed the people’s patient. From Shonir akra to motijheel  and  Gulistan people have been suffering unlimited struggle to cross this area.

 From the end of 2010 this area is under construction for making flyover. So, extra inconveniences have been added on passenger’s life in this area. Considering this construction activities traffic force have not been increased in that area.  Some recommendations to remove traffic jam from Zatrabari-Saidabad of Dhaka may be as follow:
  1. Stopping illegal vehicle parking in Zatrabari and Saidabad area
  2. Increase traffic force in Zatrabari and Saidabad area
  3. Increase traffic Inspector and traffic AC on the road.
  4. Stopping bribery business of  traffic police on the road
  5. Traffic police can be sent to other populated city in abroad to take traffic training
  6. Deploy Army in this area
  7. Stopping bus passenger lifting and exiting  practice on the road
  8. Make assure to use the Bus terminal only for highway passengers
  9. Ensure continuous moving of local bus without long time parking on the road
  10. No standing scope for local bus on the road or crossing moor.
  11. Build some high rising car parking building in Motijheel area
  12. Stop car parking practice on the street of Motijheel area.
  13. Stop moving ricksha on the major streets
  14. Use palton Maidan or high court field for temporary car parking area for motijheel area offices
  15. Top management including minister and Prime Minister should monitor the traffic process of Dhaka city.
  16. Make vehicle underpass road on heavy traffic jam moor
  17. Make short flyover on all rail crossing signal inside Dhaka.
The above mentioned points can be used to remove traffic jam from all over the Dhaka city. I was astonished  on August 4, 2012. I rode on a bus from Jatrabri at 3 pm. I arrived at firmgate on 6 pm. It took three hours to arrive on Farmgate. But usually it takes 10 minutes. How pitiful the journey is! Hundreds of thousands of people were victim on the day. This is not only for that day. Almost every day people have been suffering this excessive traffic jam problem.

I have seen the traffic system in South Korea 20 years ago. There is no minibus; all are big sized bus.50-70 passengers capacity enriched bus. Roads are not so widen. But they maintain one thing that is flow and flow not standing or parking on the road for local bus in the street of city area. Bangladesh can learn from South Korea or any other crowded city's traffic system to remove Traffic jam Dhaka

It is known to all that car, bus, truck, auto rickshaw etc has been increased a lot in Dhaka city. So, this may caused to traffic jam. But keep pace with people's demand everything will be increased. Adopting by a strict law these can be controlled.

Bangladesh is a poor country. Lac of infrastructure and substitute transportation system like underground train, fly over, LRT, mono rail, trum bus are not built yet in this mega city yet. So, government will have to take plan to build those sub-way systems in this city otherwise it will bring Bangladesh back. It will paralyze Dhaka city. It will affect badly overall economy in this country.

Last of all Government will have to love people. BD Govt should be hurt on people's inconveniences. If Govt and traffic police become sincere and learn to love people, then the Dhaka city traffic jam can be solved. At the same time Bus owner, bus drivers, bus helper, transport labor, transport union will have to abide by the traffic law, then the Dhaka traffic jam can be removed from Dhaka.
Enjoy video of traffic jam in dhaka