Friday, August 10, 2012

London 2012 Olympic Games Review

The Olympic games is one of the most popular game around the world. Total 204 countries have  participated  in London 2012 Olympic game but few countries are dominating only to medals wining combat. So we can say Olympic game is a competition for rich country's people. It is not a game for poor country.

There are many games which are not known to developing country's people. They do not practice even those game in their countries too. Lac of resource, field, training, instructor,  infrastructures, poor financial situation, malnutrition are the major causes of staying back from the Olympic games.

London 2012 game is a good indicator of people's life status. We have been watching China, USA, Great Britain, South Korea and some other Western European countries have been dominating in Olypic 2012 game. It is common for USA and western Europe to dominate in the game but Some Asian countries like China and South Korea's domination really attract global attention.

It is time for other countries to take teaching from China and South Korea. How and what they are doing to do good performance in the Olympic game. They practice too much to win the race of Olympic. They have showed a good performance in the London 2012 Olympic games.

One of the major causes of good health of Chinese and Korean People is military training. It is compulsory for 9-18 aged boys, girls and young  to take military training in the both countries. There are many good sites of this type of fundamental rule for the countries.

Military training assures the peoples good health. Good health is the pre condition to do well in any sports. It promotes the spirit of patriotism and improve the idea of defence. It helps to build up their health. Now Olympic game is an excellent indicator of that.

Food habit is another important condition for keeping good health. World can learn food culture from Korea and China. They eat enough vegetables. Sub-continent people including Bangladesh people eat enough meat. They eat excessive oily and spicy food. As a result they become fat.

The Olympic games thought can remove extra frustration and depression from young generation too. In many developing countries drug trafficking and addiction is the major problems nowadays. If the young generation can connect with various good games like Olympic games, then the frustration and drug addiction problems can be solved easily.

From the London games many countries will have to back to their own countries with empty hand. Though it is a matter of shame for those countries but this failure should be their future courage. The London game can shake their heart newly. It can be discussing issue for the leaders of the countries who have gained zero medals in the london 2012 game.

Finally Olympic game is the reminder of third world to prepare themselves to compete with the world. How other nations are doing well? It should be their asking and following points in national level. It can be good inspiration  for their peoples and their countries. It should be  discussing issue  for ruling party and opposition parties in developing countries at the period of London 2012 Olympic games.

In the London Olympic game 2012 the result is as follows:
USA 46+29+29=104
China 38+27323=88
GBR 29+17+19=82
Russia 24+26+32=82
South Korea 13+8+7=28