Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Digital Bangladesh?

Digital Bangladesh is a dream for Bangladeshi people.  Pre-condition of building digital Bangladesh is developing internet connection. Internet facility still is in preliminary position in Bangladesh. 32-64KB/Second downloading broadband internet connection cost is several thousands taka. It should be several hundred. Due to high cost of bandwidth in Bangladesh it is also not possible for common people to get Internet connection. Though they have desire to get high  speed Internet Connection but due to high cost and for low income they cannot get that.

To make Bangladesh digitization it is necessary to provide high speed internet connection for low cost. But still BD Govt is failed to do that. On the other hand some mobile phone Company are  providing the modem based wireless internet connection those are also useless as well as expensive. You cannot download any big video or image file from those modem based Internet connection.

So, ultimately to make the digital Bangladesh Government will have to assure about low cost internet connection and at the same time they will  have to assure about proper distribution of money.  Most Private service holders are frustrated to meet their fundamental needs. House rent, rice, cloth, education, transpiration cost etc. The price of daily needs  are going up gradually but people's income are not growing keeping pace with the product price.

Bangladesh Govt is successful to introduce minimum salary for garments worker. The minimum salary is taka 3000. But those garments workers never use internet or computer. So, the Government will have to fix the minimum wages for graduate label employees salary. But the government is silent about that point.

A large number of graduates are from middle class family and most of them are doing private job. There is no salary structure for them. This group are using internet and computer too. So, it is time for government to fix the minimum salary for that group of workers in Bangladesh. The Government should introduce new law for graduate workers in private sector. And it should be minimum taka 20,000.

It is a matter of frustration that many graduate workers in Bangladesh are doing job in private sectors just for Taka 5-7 thousand only.(60-90) They are at loss. They cannot live normal life by that salary. How can they expect about the taste of internet, computer or digital Bangladesh?

To implement digital Bangladesh the first thing of government should be the snatch money from industrialist and big size group of companies by introducing new wage law in private sectors. Government will have to scatter money all over the country. Where a large number of graduates are working. They are the major work force  to build digital Bangladesh.

To provide job for unemployed group the Government should create pressure on private sectors specially on private banks. Private banks are earning billions of dollar profit each year. They are the owner of of all money in Bangladesh. Government can introduce new law for them to participate directly in IT or another job creating sectors where a large number of educated young people can be employed. Then it will be possible to build digital Bangladesh.