Thursday, August 16, 2012

GP Package Review

Grameenphone Pre paid Package Bohdhu Review

Grameenphone is one of the top mobile operators in Bangladesh. Since 1997 this Company has been doing good business in Bangladesh. In the beginning this company took 7 taka/minute and 15% VAT from it's mobile subscribers. Gradually it has been decreasing its call rate due to heavy competition from other mobile operators.

Like other packages it has one package that is called bondhu package. In this package you can make total 10 FNF numbers including one Super FNF. In radio television and in the newspaper the company is broadcasting that the FNF rate is 29paisa/minute. Actually this is not true cost.Grameenphone is hiding the truth. Actually the 29 paisa without VAT and it is from second minute. Cost for the first minute is 59+15% VAT= 67 Paisa. 

One minute talk is enough. Many subscribers like to end their call within one minute. So, the package bondhu is not for all. It is for them who like to talk long time. So, this package is for only specific group not for all but their advertising style looks like for all. Advertising time they do not say the truth. It is their business technique to snatch subscirbers without telling the truth. We criticize this kind of attitude of Grameenphone.

For another 9 numbers you have to pay .79+15% VAT=.89 Taka for GP-GP call. For another operators it will cut per second 1.09+15% VAT=1.25 Taka. I have still doubt about the call rate for another operator. One day I made a call from a gp number to another Tel talk number. It cut 4taka just for two minutes. So, actually it is cutting taka 2 per minute for other Operators in Bondhu Package for FNF numbers.

So, dear mobile phone subscribers be careful and sometimes you should check what mobile operators are taking from your balance. There are many hidden conditions in their packages. They are taking more money then they are broadcasting in the mass media. They are cheating with its subscribers. You can check the billing structures of Bondhu package here.

It is mentionable that though the Grameenphone Internet has good demand but due to slow speed the people does not like to use GP Internet. You can see gp Internet review here