Wednesday, July 25, 2012

BTV Review

BTV in Ramadan Review
BTV is a only state own Television in Bangladesh. Evereday millions of people around the Bangladesh watch the BTV. Due to unavilibility of Dish line in the rural area people are bound to watch only one Television channel. In the city area people do not like to watch BTV.

In the period of Ramadan specially in the moment of Iftar a lot of watchers gather infront of BTV. After all day fasting they like to watch BTV to hear the azan and listening the important discussions about Ramadan and Islam. In this short time 6-6.40 a lot of ads are shown very frequently.

People are tired after a day long fasting in the evening. In this short time people like to wacth onley islamic talk. They do not like to watch any sponsor's or Company ad. It's really matter of bothering when many unmuslim cultured ads are shown  in the TV skin. Specially a ad from liver brother's Company ad which is casused of annoying people.

As a concious cityzen Banladeshi Muslim people like to ask BTB authority to take care this type of ads broadcasting acitivities. At the moment of iftar people do not like to see the ads in BTV. So, on behalf of all BTV and BTV World watchers I would like to request BTB authority to stop this kind of unfair ads in BTV.

BTV authority should respect people's wish. They do not like to see any ad on the eve of iftar. People of Bangladesh like to see adfree BTV and BTV World for a while. They do  not like to see any ad when Islamic discussion is going on.  BTV can broadcast advisable and character building any ad which is learnable for all.

If BTV continue this type of unexpected ads on TV skin on specific time it will lose people's trust. It will prove skillfulness of BTB authority. It is state own Television. BTV should not think only profit at all the time it should respects people's wish.